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It’s not that difficult to find a gay hookup in London, but when it comes to black gay singles dating for relationship-minded, the options suddenly become limited. Sometimes it seems as if the entire United Kingdom shrinks to the size of a peanut, suddenly guys looking for a relationship vanish from

Black Gays Dating

sight. Well, the simple truth is that over 70% of gay people have never been in a long-term serious relationship, not to mention marriage or civil unions. The remaining 30% which, mature enough for something more serious, are still out there. The trick is to find them and make a good impression. Let’s figure out how exactly.

How to Choose the Best Single Black Gay Dating Sites in the UK?

    • Know what you’re looking for. Some matchmaking sites in UK are best for men looking for a relationship; others are aimed at a quick hookup. It’s not difficult to see the difference between the two, so figure out what you’re looking for and go for the apps that can provide it.
    • Start with established apps, move on to the new ones. Statistically, your chances to get a date on a popular platform are higher. According to Travel Gay Asia Survey of 2016, “31% of Grindr users said they go on a date at least once a month, followed by those on Growlr (29%), Planet Romeo (25%), Scruff (22%) and Hornet (22%)”. But, this stats doesn’t mean that you should take new apps off the counts — quite on the contrary, you should definitely give them a chance after you check out more established platforms.

Black Gays together

  • Make the most of free services. A paid gay dating service does not necessarily boost your chances of a successful date — not to mention a relationship. Yes, users ready to pay a membership fee are usually more serious in their intentions. Still, it does not always mean you will definitely find someone special there; so, at least start with the free apps.
  • Look for reviews and leave them yourself . The best way to determine each app’s worth is to see what other people have to say about it. Read a couple of reviews and search for real user feedback about each service. If you can, leave similar reviews yourself — help others find apps that work and save time on apps that don’t.
  • Give each app some time. If you really want to meet like-minded singles black gay, and in your own city — be patient. The truth is it takes time, so don’t rush to delete your account if you cannot find a hottie to date after browsing the site for five minutes or so.

Do You Want to Meet other Single Black Gay Men in Your Town?

If you do, finding reliable matchmaking services in the UK is only half of the deal. The rest will depend on how you act online and on-site. While gay dating

Black Gays

apps may be helpful, they can only take you to the first date. And that’s where the real fun (and the real challenge) begins. Use the tips below to score in real-

time — though this advice is optional, it still helps when it comes to gay dating, first dates in particular.

7 Dating Tips for Single Black Gay Men

  1. Don’t rush with an offline meeting, but don’t take too long either. Only one thing can be more annoying than asking a total strange r ‘hey, wanna hook up tonight? — not asking it ever. Too many meetings on gay apps lead to nothing but hours of chatting, so don’t be that guy — choose a moment to act and act!
  2. Go offline on a first date. This is like golden rule for dating, not only gay dating. Plus, you really don’t want your dating app to go off every five minutes, so at least turn on a ‘don’t disturb’ mode.
  3. Don’t judge people by your own standards. Well, we all do, but at least try not to do it that much. For example, if a guy checks the phone too much or leaves for the bathroom too much, it does not always mean he’s blowing you off. So, don’t be paranoid — think twice before rushing into any conclusions. Pay attention to body language if you really want to find out how the person feels about you, but do not judge the actions too fast — it may be misleading.
  4. Don’t put your opinions on the table… unless you really, really want to. Discussing politics and other controversial issues on the first is a definite no-no. In some rare cases, you cannot avoid such debates, but in most situations — you can and you should. Unless you really like the guy and want to know how he feels about things that matter to you, try to stay neutral.
  5. Ask questions, don’t just talk about yourself. We’re all narcissistic to a certain degree, but constantly blabbing about ourselves is a certain path to disaster. Don’t be that guy.
  6. Stop comparing. Especially yourself to others, and others to your exes. No one ever truly gets a clean slate in a relationship, but we can at least try to be ourselves… and allow others the same courtesy.
  7. Give second chances. When you meet local gay black singles online, the first offline date may differ from what you have in mind. We’re all humans, have our own expectations, and sometimes these expectations are not easily met.

Understand it and give people second chances whenever possible — sometimes, life surprises you.