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If you are looking for some romance in your life, then signing up on C-Date would be a great consideration. C, which stands for casual, this site is dedicated to those who are not looking for anything serious.

Started in 2008, the site has taken Europe by storm as it gains great popularity in many countries like Spain, Germany, London, etc. At present, C-Date boasts more than 36 million users and counting in more than 30 countries.

C-Date Review 2019But the question is, is signing up on C-Date really worth it? Here is our brief, detailed review of this unique site.

List of Pros

  • Sign up is fast, easy, and free
  • Ideal for those who are not looking for anything serious
  • Easy to use and matching with like-minded users is smooth and easy

List of Cons

  • Some useful features are limited to premium users

How the Service Works

How the C-Date WorksC-Date is the same as any other dating sites you will find today. The main difference, however, is that it doesn’t focus on finding you a serious relationship. This is more useful for those who are looking for casual dating. With casual dating, you will be able to enjoy every benefit of a relationship without having to commit to the responsibilities. But then again, finding a serious relationship on the site is not impossible.

Sign up Process

Sign up ProcessTo sign up on C-Date, you don’t even have to write your full name or real name. To get started, enter your email address, choose a password and nickname, and pick which gender you are interested in.

When you are done, you will have to verify your email address then you can move forward to creating your profile. You can write something about what you are looking for and something more to introduce who you are.

In this site, appearance is the main basis to find your match, so you will have to answer questions regarding your physical appearance, lifestyle, and they even have a section that’s called “My Erotic Type”. But you don’t have to answer these if you are not comfortable with it.

Messaging system

C-Date membersThe site offers several ways to connect with other users. You can send them an email or if they are online, you will be able to communicate with them through instant messaging.

C-Date uses a matching system that sends the premium members ‘Contact Proposals’. Basically, they match you with users they think to match with your profile and encourage you to contact them. If you are worried that your time and resources will be wasted, you don’t have to worry about C-Date is confident enough to guarantee each user with complete profile at least 5 to 30 contact proposals depending on which membership the user chooses.

Reliability and Safety

Reliability and SafetyWhen choosing a dating site to use, privacy is the first thing to consider. And this is something C-Date is proud of. The site uses modern tools that guarantee its users’ safety and confidentiality. These features help the site filter out the scammers on the site so you’ll hardly encounter them.

Help & Support

The site has a Help section that shows the most frequently asked questions. All possible questions you might have been possibly written here. But in case you have a specific question that is not listed on this page, you can always reach out to their customer service. Their customer service is available 24/7 so you can always send them a message. There is no live chat support, but they will always try to get back to you as fast as they can, and they are extremely friendly. But then again, the site is very user-friendly so we believe that you wouldn’t have to contact them often.


Upgrading to Premium member will give you access to the following features: sending and reading messages, reading users’ full profile information, uploading more pictures and seeing other users’ all uploaded pictures. This will also give you a chance to see who visited your profile.

Here are the three subscription plans you can upgrade to:

Duration / Credits / Coins Costs per month Total
3 Months 79.90 USD / Month 239.70 USD
6 Months 59.90 USD / Month 359.40 USD
12 Months 39.90 USD / Month 478.80 USD


The services offered by C-Date services are free for females. This might be the reason why there is a higher number of female users compared to males. On another hand, male users can enjoy an ocean of women waiting to be approached by them.

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Mobile App

Mobile App - C-DateIf you are on the go, you can always start connected to your matches through their mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS device users. Just like the desktop version, navigating the app is super easy and straightforward to use. It allows you to access all the features you can enjoy on the desktop or mobile browser version without hassle.


C-Date is perfect for those who are looking for casual or sexual encounters, which means if you are looking for something serious, you might have a problem finding what you are looking for. Generally, it is easy to use a dating site that can satisfy people’s erotic fantasies.

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As C-Date generates suggested matches, you will not find a basic or advanced search feature which is something you commonly see on most dating sites today. Most users of this site solely user the matchmaking feature of the site to find their match. This is only one of the many features that make this site super easy to use and pleasant for those who want to go straight to what they are looking for – fun, exciting casual encounters. So, if this is something you are looking for and nothing more, then give this a try!