OneScene Review

Who doesn’t want to find love? Everyone does!

And for folks who belong to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, it might be harder to find someone who shares their lifestyle choices. So, what better to find love for LGBT folks that an online dating service totally dedicated to the LGBT community!

OneScene Review

OneScene is a cool new international LGBT dating service online that also advocates for marriage equality worldwide. It aims to break barriers the world over by connecting LGBT folks all over the world to an international community united to breaking any type of discrimination against LGBT people. It has uber cool features and boasts of a fresh community of over 100,000 members who are mostly in their 20s and 30s.

Founded in 2003, OneScene is gaining popularity among the LGBT community. So, if you are looking for a committed relationship, a hook up or just someone to chat with, here’s a review of OneScene. Who knows, you might find the start of your love story on there!

List of Pros

  • One cool thing about OneScene is that it resembles the most popular social media platform out there these days. So, people who are very much into social media will find it fairly easy to navigate the website even if they are new to OneScene.
  • Another cool thing about it is that since OneScene resembles Facebook, you can get to know people who catch your attention with the details indicated on each member’s profile.
  • You’d have an idea about what they may actually be like in person by getting to know their character traits, physical appearance, what they are looking for in a date, and lifestyle details like religion, whether they drink, and diet choices.
  • Personalized bios and cover photos also give members a glimpse of the person’s personality which is a really cool feature to have.

List of Cons

  • One of the few downsides of OneScene is that it is a fairly new website so it’s not as popular as other established LGBT dating services. But, given its features, there’s no doubt OneScene will quickly rise in popularity among the LGBT folks looking for love.

OneScene Love Stories

Success rate of OneScene is not yet known since OneScene is fairly new. But, the chances of landing a date on this cool new platform is rising as the website’s popularity rises. The website boasts of a fresh young community so this dating service is definitely worth a try.

How the Service Works

Members can add people who catch their attention as friends on the website.

If you are shy about saying hi first, you can opt for sending an ice breaker such as a smile, a wave or a wink, as a subtle way of letting another member know you are interested.

You can also keep tabs on your favorite members by adding them to your favorite lists. All of the members you have added on your favorite members list will appear on your profile, as well as all of the members who have connected with you as friends.

Sign up Process

Upon visiting the website for the first time, you will be greeted by its homepage introducing OneScene and showcasing some members of its growing community. Folks who are looking to join should click on Join at the upper right corner of the screen and fill in details about themselves for other members to see.

People can either sign-up through an email account or just link their Facebook account and use it for the sign-up. No worries, OneScene never posts on your Facebook pages about your activity on the site.

Messaging system

Members have the option to chat with other members who catch their attention through the website or the dedicated app.


There are search filters you can use for looking for members in the country of your choice.

Reliability and Safety

Members can expect a safe online environment while using OneScene although there is no data whether they conduct any more background checks on members who sign-up.

OneScene encrypts all website data where possible and takes all the necessary steps for keeping their web security up to date.

Help & Support

OneScene’s customer support team is very much responsive, so kudos to the team for that!


Depending on the availability of promos, a membership can range from 10.95 all the way to $84.95.

A premium membership plan can range from a 1-month subscription to a year, depending on your choice.

Free Trial

The website offers a 14 day free trial for their platinum plan but a standard free membership totally offers enough access to essential features and will definitely suffice for the average user.

The premium membership option doesn’t really offer a lot of exclusive features for members which is okay given that they are still in the process of attracting more and more users to their platform.

Mobile App

OneScene has a cool app members can download on any iOs and Android device which is something very nifty as when you are away from a computer and have free time.

Most dating services only have mobile optimized websites, it’s really cool that this website has put in the effort to create a dedicated mobile app for its users.


OneScene is definitely worth a try. Tell your LGBT friends about this nifty website that is growing in popularity in the LGBT community.

Love breaks boundaries and this website aims to combat any form of discrimination towards same sex marriage around the world. It would be cool to gather support for websites such as OneScene who are advocating for something beyond the usual dating service. We hope other same sex dating services follow the example of OneScene.